OneControl E-Strips - Electronic Flight Strip System

Handle and exchange flight progress information

OneControl E-Strips – as part of ADB SAFEGATE's OneControl Platform – is a fully digital representation of flight strips on a computer touch-pen display. It combines the well-established benefits of a paper strip system with the possibilities offered by electronic data handling. In addition, OneControl E-Strips provides ATCOs with a work flow-based support logic that dramatically reduces the time necessary to handle data input and strip handling. OneControl E-Strips collects all valuable information and provides statistics that are used for constant improvements in tower operations.

Key Features

  • Important tool for planning and controlling ground and air traffic contol
  • Optimal presentation of relevant information
  • Open and modular architecture
  • Highly configurable HMI
  • Highly configurable work flow
  • Standard work flow steps performed with a single click
  • Accepts flight plan data from FDPS via FDE, AFTN/AMHS, OLDI/AIDC
  • Updates flight plans in the FDPS
  • Interface to airport information system (for example stand information)
  • Controller working positions (CWPs) can be arbitrarily opened and closed
  • Flexible, dynamic assignment of CWP roles
  • Intuitive creation of flight strips for all kinds of flights or vehicles (for example free-callers)
  • Can be interfaced to A-SMGCS and DCL systems
  • Can be interfaced to arrival/departure management systems (for example OneControl DMAN)
  • Recording and replay


  • Sharing and provision of data with other systems or partners are easily possible
  • Silent coordination between ATCOs reduces R/T frequency
  • Electronic clearance input for A-SMGCS safety nets, routing and guidance, departure manager
  • Key enabler for A-CDM

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