Airfield 4.0: smart devices, a new communication platform and a gateway to the cloud kick-start the digitalization of airfield operations 

An airfield has many diverse assets spread over a vast area. And, like a human neural network that uses axons to carry sensor input or commands between neurons, our new AXON EQ light fixture can gather situational data from its surroundings. The addition of built-in sensors to airfield assets, in this case, our AXON EQ inset lights, coupled with the right-sized communication medium, our LINC 360, and the ability to wirelessly stream telemetry and status monitoring to the cloud via our innovative LINC Node gateway, provide the backbone of Airfield 4.0. 

With data from the cloud, airports can check the status of assets on multiple devices in real-time to support immediate decision-making. These smart lights also flag maintenance and service needs and provide a higher level of control under challenging conditions like low visibility.

To learn more, watch our Airfield 4.0 Journey video below, and then scroll down to find additional content about Airfield 4.0 and AXON EQ, LINC 360, and LINC Node. 

Airfield 4.0 Journey

Airfield 4.0 vision







What can Airfield 4.0 do for you? 

  • Real-time insights to improve situational awareness: displaying real-time information to stakeholders will provide an accurate picture of operations and support decision-making on prioritizing operations schedules. 
  • Historical trend analysis to help improve operational processes: analyzing data gathered over weeks and months, even past data from previous years, will reveal trends and bottlenecks that can be addressed at a fundamental level by changes in procedures. 
  • Predictive analytics to highlight arising issues: continuously monitoring and analyzing airport operations enables analytics systems to raise alerts about arising issues, often hours before they are expected to occur, allowing stakeholders to solve issues before they affect operations. 
  • Prescriptive analytics to suggest actions to improve efficiency: using artificial intelligence, analytics will predict forthcoming issues in advance and offer the best solution to overcome them and maintain the highest operational efficiency. 

Learn more about the foundational pieces that make up Airfield 4.0

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