Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible corporation, ADB SAFEGATE engages closely with its stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers and the communities it operates in, to work on initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact. Our Corporate Values and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter reflect our commitment and guide us in our efforts.

Learn more about how we care for the environment and comply with regulations while striving for excellence as we innovate to make air travel safe.




Corporate Social Responsibility Reports:




CSR - report 2023   CSR - report 2022 CSR - report 2021

Share and give back 

ADB SAFEGATE is committed to playing a positive role in the community that we operate in, as an organization as well as individuals. ADB SAFEGATE’s community thinking regularly supports noble causes in neighborhoods. Our employees have a strong sense of social responsibility and often volunteer their time and skills to non-profit organizations that fight drug abuse, promote awareness of cancer and autism, or work with the young.


At ADB SAFEGATE, compliance is about doing business in a fair, transparent and responsible manner. We act in accordance with rules that govern the way we behave. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls.

The internal rules are governed by the external law and also take into account our values. Living these values also leads to a competitive advantage.

Compliance examples:

  • Anti-corruption legislation
  • Anti-trust legislation
  • Financial ethic
  • Anti-discrimination legislation
  • Environmental legislation
  • Labor law
  • Human rights legislation
  • Privacy law
  • Business conduct guidelines

For more information, read our code of business conduct:

Code of conduct

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Contact our Compliance Officer for more information on how ADB SAFEGATE is satisfying various legal requirements.

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