Corporate Social Responsibility

As a socially responsible corporation, ADB SAFEGATE engages closely with its stakeholders - employees, customers, suppliers and the communities it operates in, to work on initiatives that have a positive social and environmental impact. Our Corporate Values and Corporate Social Responsibility Charter reflect our commitment and guide us in our efforts.

Learn more about how we care for the environment and comply with regulations while striving for excellence as we innovate to make air travel safe.






Safe air travel is the foremost priority of the aviation industry and this is reflected in the strict guidelines prescribed by both local aviation authorities as well as international aviation bodies such as the ICAO and FAA. 

ADB SAFEGATE's integrated portfolio includes solutions across the gate, tower and airfield, as well as services that harmonize airport performance. We tackle every aspect of traffic handling and guidance, from approach, runway and taxiway lighting, to tower-based traffic control systems, and intelligent gate and docking automation.

Advancements in lighting, power management and light control systems has made safe take-off and landing possible in bad weather or poor visibility conditions. That’s why airfield lighting and visual guidance systems are central to an airport’s airfield safety strategy.

ADB SAFEGATE’s range of unique and maintenance-friendly LED AGL, light control and monitoring systems, and power architectures and equipment lead the way in airfield safety, addressing all concerns.

Ground safety is a top priority for any airport. Preventing accidents in the gate and apron area where there is continuous flow of people, aircraft and ground vehicles is crucial. 

ADB SAFEGATE has installed over 10,000 Safedock advanced visual docking guidance systems across the globe. Coupled with our platform for integrated apron management, our solutions equip operators with real-time gate intelligence to reduce turnaround times and increase safety and efficiency at the gate.

Air Traffic Controllers are the key to ensuring safe operations at the airport. Air Traffic Control tackles some of the most complex considerations while routing and guiding aircraft to safety. ADB SAFEGATE tower solutions help ATC find the most safe and efficient way from touchdown to gate.

Sustainability: Energy-efficient portfolio

We believe sustainability is imperative for the aviation industry.

At the heart of our commitment to sustainability is our energy-efficient product portfolio that helps create intelligent ‘green’ airports. With truly integrated airport solutions, we help airports better utilize existing infrastructure, minimize the environmental impact and cost of airport operations.

ADB SAFEGATE solutions across tower, gate and airfield help reduce carbon footprint of the airport industry. Our products meet stringent energy-saving targets, and use components that are as individually-recyclable as possible. And all this is achieved while conforming to the most stringent safety requirements.

We pioneered the use of energy-efficient LED lighting for the airfield and offer some of the most energy-efficient power supply systems available, resulting in substantial energy savings. Our Apron Management and docking systems as well as Tower solutions help reduce fuel burn and emissions. Our services take account of every aspect of design, installation and maintenance critical to sustainable airport operations.

ADB SAFEGATE also promotes “Follow-the-Greens” - an innovative and performance enhancing guidance method for aircraft movements on airport taxiways.

Sustainable operations and best practices  

As an environmentally-conscious company, we are ISO 14001 certified. Our environmental policy, processes and systems are aligned to this globally recognized quality standard and promote sustainable business operations. Our sites in Zaventem, Belgium, Malmö, Sweden and Vantaa, Finland have implemented an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

We strive to achieve sustainable business operations through the responsible use of materials and waste management, use of renewable energy (when available) and advocating green practices throughout our supply chain.

Our factories are free of environmentally hazardous materials for the production process. We do not undertake work which involves our employees using hazardous substances such as acids, solvents, or heavy metals. Each factory meets or exceeds all related environmental legislation.

We ensure that the material waste following production is recycled according to industry best practices with our factories running recycling programs for metal, cardboard, wood, and/or batteries. We currently believe that we are recycling up to 90% of all recyclable material. 

Furthermore, ADB SAFEGATE operates travel and transport policies that take account of environmental issues as far as is reasonably practical and encourages the use of alternative means of transport where possible. 


  • Support the requirements of applicable international standards, environmental legislation and codes of practice.
  • Provide a safe, clean and healthy workplace and ensures personnel are properly trained with the appropriate safety and emergency equipment.
  • Encourage efficient use of energy, utilities and natural resources, especially where these are non-renewable.
  • Seek to prevent pollution by reducing the use of natural resources and amount of waste from its factory activities. Waste recycling programs are monitored constantly.
  • Develop products and services that integrate lifecycle management in terms of energy saving and recycling requirements.
  • Aim to purchase products and services that do the least damage to the environment and encourages others to do the same.
  • Operate travel and transport policies that take account of environmental issues as far as is reasonably practical and encourages the use of feasible alternative means of transport or communication.
  • Ensure that all our employees understand, apply and contribute to our environmental policy.

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Share and give back 

ADB SAFEGATE is committed to playing a positive role in the community that we operate in, as an organization as well as individuals. ADB SAFEGATE’s community thinking regularly supports noble causes in neighborhoods. Our employees have a strong sense of social responsibility and often volunteer their time and skills to non-profit organizations that fight drug abuse, promote awareness of cancer and autism, or work with the young.


At ADB SAFEGATE, compliance is about doing business in a fair, transparent and responsible manner. We act in accordance with rules that govern the way we behave. These rules can be externally imposed through laws or regulations, or internally defined through policies, procedures and controls.

The internal rules are governed by the external law and also take into account our values. Living these values also leads to a competitive advantage.

Compliance examples:

  • Anti-corruption legislation
  • Anti-trust legislation
  • Financial ethic
  • Anti-discrimination legislation
  • Environmental legislation
  • Labor law
  • Human rights legislation
  • Privacy law
  • Business conduct guidelines

For more information, read our code of business conduct:

Code of conduct

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