ADB SAFEGATE launches LINC Node, a gateway to the Internet of Things (IoT) for airfield ground lighting infrastructure

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
May 17, 2022

Innovative cloud solutions allow for instant sharing of airfield ground lighting information, improving potential to analyze airport infrastructure, historical data, alarms or important status changes

ADB SAFEGATE announces the next generation in connective strategies with LINC Node, a product that wirelessly streams telemetry and status monitoring to the cloud. LINC Node connects airfield ground lighting devices such as CCRs and ILCMS units to your mobile device or HMI. The real-time sharing of information on a portable device reduces personnel transportation and response times and opens the possibility for automated work orders, improved maintenance cycles, historical trending and more. LINC Node also provides the opportunity to link this disparate data, which is computable and can be shared with stakeholders.  

“With LINC Node, airports will be able to instantly consult AGL device information on any internet-capable device to access information such as power usage analysis, CCR status monitoring, PAPI angle reading and alerts, ILCMS availability, open circuit alarms, and insulation resistance monitoring and trending,” reported Danny Piot, Connectivity Product Manager at ADB SAFEGATE. “As all is monitored in real-time, alarm and warning notifications may be pushed from the cloud directly to mobile devices informing you, wherever you are, when you need it.”

LINC Node has built-in intelligence that formats and packages the data using a dedicated network to ensure the operational integrity of the ALCMS network. Additionally, it only allows for monitoring of data to ensure cybersecurity.

LINC Node forms the second leg of the ADB SAFEGATE connectivity strategy. The powerline connectivity layer, LINC 360, was launched in November 2021. Together the two will provide unprecedented capabilities to airside operators. ADB SAFEGATE is proud to announce this next step in connectivity. Connected devices are the backbone that will allow us to drive our industry toward Airfield 4.0.