LED Wind Direction Indicator L-806

  • ICAO
  • LED

The L-806 LED Wind Direction Indicators are usually placed close to a runway or taxiway to indicate to the pilots the wind direction to ensure a safe take-off and taxi. The L-806 comes with frangible bolts to ensure the mast will break when it collides with a plane or other moving object. The L-806 wind direction indicators are in compliance with ICAO Annex 14 Vol. I & Vol. II and FAA AC150/5345-27E L-806(L) standards. The wind cone type L-806 is available in three styles, internally lit, externally lit or unlit, with an 8-foot windsock and obstruction light and frangible bolts.

Compliance & Certifications

For compliance, please see data sheet and certification tab below.

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Data Sheet: Q23-L806 - L-806 LED Wind Direction Indicator

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