OneControl MLAT

Get end-to-end approach and on-ground surveillance at airports.

OneControl MLAT - ADB SAFEGATE's latest addition to its Tower ATM portfolio - is the answer to airports' growing needs for secondary ground surveillance especially during low visibility conditions. It helps streamline operations, minimize costs and most importantly improve safety.

The OneControl MLAT is the most accurate and high precision multilateration product available in the market. It is a critical component of ADB SAFEGATE's OneControl solution for airports and guarantees a full and easy integration with the Advanced Surface Movement and Guidance Control System (A-SMGCS). 

The key elements of OneControl MLAT are:

  • Remote unit (RU) equipped with receiver and transmitter
    The receiver of the RU receives, decodes and estimates the time-of-arrival (ToA) of secondary surveillance radar (SSR) signals. The transmitter is able to interrogate transponders and to transmit SSR signals. The RU can also be installed without transmitter and/or in redundant configuration.
  • Reference Position Validation
    The unit performs continuous system validation and system integrity checks so that the required accuracy can be guaranteed.
  • Central processing and control unit (CPCU)
    The CPCU is the central node of the multilateration system. All RU data is received and processed at the CPCU to generate the system output.
  • Data links between RUs and CPCU


Key Features

  • Fully standardized and fulfilling EUROCAE minimum operational performance specifications ED-117 and ED-117A
  • Modularity and expandability
  • Independence of GNSS systems
  • COTS CPCU hardware
  • Support of various data link types between CPCU and RUs
  • Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast (ADS-B) data extraction and integrity check
  • MLAT position tracking
  • EUROCONTROL ASTERIX data output:Category 010 Surveillance data exchange, Category 020 MLAT position reports, Category 019 MLAT status and Category 021 ADS-B position reports



  • Update rate is at least once per second, configurable periodic and data driven
  • Ground accuracy of less than 7.5 meters with a confidence level of 95%
  • Capacity of at least 350 simultaneous targets
  • Temperature range of -40°C to +55°Cand relative humidity up to 100% non-condensing
  • Remote monitoring using SNMP

Compliance & Certifications

For compliance, please see data sheet and certification tab below.


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