TLC for LED® High-mast Apron Lighting

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Leading the Way in Apron Lighting with Total Light Control - TLC for LED®

Whether custom-designed as a retrofit or foundation-to-poletop solution, Musco’s LED apron system is factory aimed, wired, and tested for easy installation and trouble-free operation. This innovative system has improved visibility, energy efficiency, and eliminated maintenance costs for airports around the world.

Musco Lighting has applied its more than 40 years of research and experience to take advantage of the LED light source in ways no other manufacturer can. The result is an LED system that’s created new possibilities for high-mast LED apron lighting. Ideal for new or retrofit installations.

Improved Visibility 
Custom optics provide greater light uniformity, improving visibility and efficiency of ground crews.

Reduced Glare
Patented glare reduction technology eliminates glare from impacting pilots and air traffic controllers.

Total Light Control
Superior light control preserves darkness in areas where light isn’t intended.

Streamlined Maintenance
Remote electrical enclosures eliminate the need for lifts to service and removes weight from the poletop.

Reliable Performance
System solution with lighting, electrical, and structural components designed to work together for long-term reliability.

System Adaptability
Interfaces with new or existing facility management systems, along with adaptive controls based on gate usage.

No Maintenance Costs
A comprehensive 10-year parts and labor warranty eliminates maintenance costs and headaches for the next decade.

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Brochure: Airport Apron Lighting

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