INFOMAX Integrated Information System

Find all ATC information on one screen

Air Traffic Controllers (ATCOs) depend on various types of information to perform their daily job, including meteorological data, information from NavAids, ATIS, runway lights, stop bars etc. INFOMAX – as part of ADB SAFEGATE Tower ATM package – combines all the information mentioned above on a single display in a consistent HMI that cleans up the CWP by removing unnecessary displays, mice and keyboards.

Key Features

  • Open and modular architecture 

  • Integrates any ATC-related information, including AFTN/AMHS- messages, meteorological data (for example wind, temperature, QNH and RVR), NavAids and ATIS and many more 

  • Extensive configuration capabilities 

  • Flexible HMI framework with powerful customization possibilities to create tailor-made solutions 

  • Modern UI concepts including full touch capability 

  • Can be easily extended to include functionality that may be required at an airport from the FIDS display to cabin controls 

  • Integrated airfield lighting monitoring and control capabilities 

  • High availability through redundant architecture 

  • Recording and replay that can be synchronized to other recorders (for example voice recorders) 


  • Reduce visual workload by combining information of various kinds on one screen according to customer needs
  • Display of information and controls fully customizable
  • Reduction of controller working position (CWP) cluttering

  • Consistent user interface for all connected systems
  • No need to change console design for installation
  • Minimum downtime during installation
  • Additional CWPs only need one additional connection to the INFOMAX server instead of multiple connections to different systems
Brochure: INFOMAX Integrated Information System

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